Vibration Eliminator, Inc.| Catalog & Installation |
Vibration Eliminator Co., has been a designer and manufacturer of seismic & vibration control products for more than 70 years specializing in Seismic Rated roof curbs, Vibration Isolation curbs, Rails, spring hangers, floor mounted isolators, inertia bases and a complete line of vibration isolation products. Vibration Eliminator is a member of VISCMA.

Proco Products, Inc.Catalog & Installation
Proco Products, Inc. is a global leader in the design and supply of piping/ducting system expansion joints and rubber check valves.

Loos & Co., Inc. | Manual | Video Installation |
Loos & Co., Inc., manufactures and sells Pre-Stretched, Color Coded, Break Strength Certified, Seismic Wire Rope/Cable™ Bracing for use in satisfying the requirements of the Laws, Codes, Standards and Specifications for Earthquake Resistance of Fire Protection Components and Systems.

AGI | Catalog & Installation |
AGI Seismic Fixture Clamps. The International Building Code (IBC) require that lighting fixtures & diffusers be positively attached to the suspended ceiling system to prevent dislodging and injuring the public during a seismic event.